Oral and Dental Health Resourse Centre

Take a closer look at everyday oral care issues in these short videos.

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Get to know your gums and the signs of gum problems by taking our Healthy Gum Challenge.

Healthy Gum Challenge

Explore the fundamentals of dental care from brushing to bad breath.

Oral & Dental Care and Conditions

Understand the unique needs of each family member during every stage of life.

Dental Health at Any Age

Find the latest information on new and common smile enhancing treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Oral Care for Children

Prepare for your child’s changing oral care needs.
The transition from primary to permanent teeth is easy when you know what to expect.
Colgate® Kids toothpaste
Protect your child's smile for life with Colgate Kids toothpaste, specially formulated with low fluoride and mild flavours for ages 0-3, 4-6 and 6+

Featured Materials

Love your child's smile?

Help keep it healthy for life

The oral care needs of children are in constant change. Here you will learn how to care for your child with each change, from first tooth to braces.

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How to Brush

How to Brush

Learn the recommended techinique for brushing your teeth.
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