Saliva plays an important role in buffering acids within the mouth and reducing their effect on the teeth.

It is the mouth’s own cleaning system.

Saliva also dilutes and washes away food particles and acids.

If you often have a dry mouth, erosion may damage your teeth more quickly.

Colgate Plax Sensitive

12 hour protection against bacteria & plaque for long lasting fresh breath. Developed and Clinically tested by Dentists.

Colgate 360o Sensitive

Experience exceptional cleaning with multi-functional bristles, polishing cups and a cheek and tongue cleaner that removes 90% more bacteria.

Are you at risk?

People with an increased risk of dental erosion include those who:
-Have a high intake of acidic foods or drinks
- Have low salivary flow or a dry mouth...  |  |  Colgate Products  |  Legal/Privacy  |  Cookies Notice  |  About Us  |  Contact Us
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