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What The Nation Thinks


Colgate Total

“Finally a toothpaste that works!”

The search is over, this is the king of toothpaste!

Masterroyn, Hull

Colgate Total

“Brighter result”

My teeth look healthier and I feel better about myself. I can' help but smile!

Danielle95, London

Colgate Total

“Colgate Total care”

It keeps my mouth feeling clean and fresh and gives my teeth a nice squeaky clean sensation!

lucky321, Bexhill

Colgate Total

“Fantastic clean”

I loved this toothpaste, my mouth and teeth feel as though they have had a clean at the dentist.

Lorna62, Broxburn

Colgate Total

“Awesomely fresh”

It gives a thorough clean and leaves your mouth feeling clean and healthy.

guy7657, London

Colgate Total

“Does exactly what it says it does”

I think it's a good toothpaste and if someone wants better gums I would recommend it!

AJ101, Kent

Colgate Total

“If you need to buy toothpaste, this is it!”

An amazing toothpaste that leaves you with a fresh breath and an amazing white smile. I whole heartedly recommend this toothpaste to my friends and family.

JedBennett, Somerset

“Pharmacy Product of the Year for 2013”

Colgate Total

The Colgate Total Pro Gum Health System won Pharmacy Product of the Year for 2013

Colgate Total

“Best Thing Since... Toothpaste!”

"It has allowed me to lead a more normal lifestyle as I can now enjoy cold food and drinks without pain. My gums are staying healthy and my breath is staying fresh all day. Thank you Colgate for allowing my teeth to adapt to my lifestyle, rather than making my lifestyle revolve around my teeth!"

07malhomms, Sandwich, Kent

Colgate Total


It has a great minty taste and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and leaves your teeth feeling clean. Since using this toothpaste I feel I can enjoy ice cream.

Kar0t, Leicester

Colgate Total

“Colgate - a family friend”

There's always a 'zing' of freshness in my mouth that lasts throughout the day

bob12, IOM

Colgate Total


Left my teeth feeling great and I wouldn't use any other toothpaste now

Ambsss96, Essex

Colgate Total

“Always gives the freshest feeling”

I am never disappointing with the long lasting taste and clean feeling. I have recommended to family and friends.

Charlie88, London

Colgate Total

“Feel good”

A great start to your day, why not feel good from first thing in the morning to the evening.

Irishlass123, County Mayo


Colgate Total


It not only cleans my teeth but leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean… Makes my mouth kissable!

spevick, Herts

Colgate Total

“Don't be down in the mouth”

I noticed an improvement after only 1 month of use.

dizzyc, Cheshire

Colgate Total

“100% improvement”

Have always had problems with my gums but since using Colgate I have seen a massive improvement and was kind to my pocket as well! Love the product and would recommend it to everyone!

EmmaJane21, Dublin

Colgate Total

“Best product out there”

It helped reduce the swelling in my gums so quickly and gave my teeth an amazing white and shiny appearance

Fiona91, Dublin

Colgate Total

“Cleans teeth without being harsh on gums”

This product pretty much does it all! Cleans teeth and keeps them that way all day.

shauna, Dublin

Colgate Total

“Totally Healthy”

It keeps my teeth free of cavities, my gums healthy & strong and my breath fresh. I strongly recommend use of Colgate Total toothpaste.

AtSmile, Hampshire

Colgate Total

“pro gum”

My gums have improved a lot since using Total Pro Gum toothpaste mouthwash. Even my dentist said my gums and teeth have improved since I changed my toothpaste!

chez, Manchester

Colgate Total

“ Extra clean feel”

after just one use teeth felt cleaner and breath stayed fresh for longer thanks to the micro-cleaning particles which help clean neglected areas. I couldn't go back to any other toothpaste after trying this.

Sorsha75, Wath upon Dearne

Colgate Total

“ Colgate Total Interdental”

Best toothpaste I have ever used, lasting cleanliness, feel-good clean and taste and makes teeth look whiter longer

gazza4444, Porthcawl

Colgate Total

“ leaves teeth clean”

With Total Advanced Clean my teeth always feel clean straight away, like I have just had them cleaned by my dentist and my mouth always has a fresh taste .


Colgate Total

“ The best toothpaste out there!”

My Dentist suggested I use the Total Advanced Clean a few years ago because I was having problems with my gums. I am so glad I did, because the problem is now under control. Thank you Colgate!

Foxygirl, Kenilworth

Colgate Total

“ Fresh feeling with every brush”

After using Colgate Advanced Clean I couldn't imagine using any other toothpaste. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh all day, and after using it before bed my teeth and mouth still feel fresh on waking.

scruffmonster, Cardiff

Colgate Total

“ Advanced Total - Totally amazing!”

No more furry feeling, even hours later and my teeth are squeaky clean. Flavour is so fresh without being overpowering. No bad breath or gum problems either - as the name says it does the Total job!

jaguarsmum, cambridge

Colgate Total

“ Excellent value for money”

I have tried many different toothpastes over the years… but always come back to Colgate :) Great product and it always brings a sparkle to my smile

dianeq, North Yorkshire

Colgate Total

“ this product gives satisfaction”

This toothpaste is excellent value for money, teeth are white and breath feels very fresh. It gives you confidence.

janeyg, Shropshire

Colgate Total

“ Colgate Total Advanced Freshening”

It's a perfect toothpaste, for all the family to use. It cleans and keeps your breath nice and fresh

sonny5, Colchester

Colgate Total

“ Fresh & Clean”

I use this product all the time, leaves mouth, teeth & tongue feeling clean and fresh for hours

bababoo, Navan

Colgate Total

“ Colgate Total Advanced Freshening”

Leaves my mouth feeling fresh and tingly, just like I've been the dentist

Jewels, Preston

Colgate Total

“ Colgate Total Advanced Freshening”

I would recommend this to anyone that wants fresh minty breath with that clean feeling

Jono2013, Dublin

Colgate Total

“ Fantastic Clean”

Absolutely fantastic cleaning experience with these interdental brushes. Feels like you've been to the dentist.

Clobbers, Galway

Colgate Total

“ Makes life easy”

They're so easy to use, they don't bend when you try to get them between your teeth and they're soft enough so that they don't damage your gums (great for cleaning in around braces brackets too!).

Lisehshortie, Galway

Colgate Total

“ Brilliant on my sensitive teeth”

Great deep clean without hurting sensitive teeth and gums!

Debbie18, Galway

Colgate Total

“ colgate toothbrush”

"This is the best toothbrush I have ever had, it reaches all the hard places to get to and leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh"

callaway, Kent

Colgate Total

“ Total Professional”

The name of this brush says it all, a totally professional clean, easy to use for all levels of dexterity. I have recommended this product to all my family and friends.

mellie72, Portsmouth

Colgate Total

“ Ace features”

This can be relied upon to clean right in those tight spots

Aleks, Nottingham

Colgate Total

“ Wow”

Loving this new toothpaste! Quite a revelation. It really has to be tried to be believed

paulo, Hornsea

Colgate Total

“ Bright, White and just Right”

Wow, is the first thing which comes to my mind after using this toothpaste. I recommend this to everyone, try it, you won't be disappointed.

Danielgrjones1979, Newcastle

Colgate Total

“ Great product”

I was recommended Colgate total for gum health. I was a bit sceptical because I was starting to get receding gums, I'm very glad my dentist recommended it as it's stopped my gums receding & improved my gum health & now I feel great to smile again with confidence.

Paulh652, Wednesbury

Colgate Total

“ Surprisingly good results.”

I was really impressed with the immediate improvement, and sustained result. What a difference Colgate Total has made to this everyday routine. I am looking forward to long-term better dental health.

Taurus11, North Lincolnshire

Colgate Total

“ So Good - Fresh, Clean and Whiter Teeth!”

"My smile is now much more attractive and I feel more confident when talking to people. I now know that my breath is fresh and my smile pretty! Thank you Colgate! :o)"

alychapman, North Yorkshire

Colgate Total

“ Fantastic results”

Colgate Total Advanced whitening left my mouth feeling fresh and after a couple of weeks my other half mentioned that my teeth were looking whiter! So results all round, I've a healthy clean mouth with whiter teeth, would recommend to everyone.

Chelly32, Bolton

Colgate Total

“ great stuff”

I would highly recommend this toothpaste, it tastes great and feels great and the results are outstanding, I can not say enough how good this is :)

erdey, Greater Manchester

Colgate Total

“ Great product”

I love this tooth paste . It was recommended by my dentists and it's amazing. My teeth are so much healthier and whiter. Definitely not going back to other brands

Mands, Sheffield

Colgate Total

“ The way to a lovely smile”

This product has totally changed my smile. My teeth are whiter again rather than the old yellow. Thank you Colgate for saving my smile.

Fifi64, Horncastle

Colgate Total


Great taste and texture, and it works. No more cringing when I drink hot or cold drinks.


Colgate Total

“ Exciting Times for fresh breath and white teeth”

Affordable and available - my two favourite words when finding a product that works and is great at what it does.

GNashas, Liverpool

Colgate Total

“ Massive difference to sensitivity”

I have been using Colgate Total Sensitive for 3 weeks now and the difference is huge. The problem has literally disappeared.

Mally, Co. Wicklow

Colgate Total

“ A family favorite”

I'm giving it top marks, can't fault it and it is great with my sensitive teeth.

Mammykins, Cork

Colgate Total

“ it does what it says”

Would thoroughly recommend everyone try it, you will be amazed by the results.

lorraine1957, Suffolk

Colgate Total

“ Great floss for effective plaque removal”

excellent floss product- found it removed more plaque than other leading brands. As a hygienist I always recommend this to my patients.

shence, norfolk

Colgate Total

“ Easy to use”

Great fresh tasting dental floss that is easy to get in-between my teeth and does an excellent job

me321, Kent

Colgate Total

“ long lasting fresh feeling”

"This mouthwash leaves a longer lasting fresh feel in the mouth without the "burn" of other mouthwashes. Definitely great product from the leaders in dental care. Well done Colgate."

Badbaz, Plymouth

Colgate Total

“ Great Tasting would highly recommend”

I've used this mouthwash for a few months now and I think I'm going to use it for a long time. It leaves me with a clean fresh mouth, A*

Jamez002, Witham

Colgate Total

“ Excellent - effectively cleans and reduces sensitivity”

This is my favourite mouthwash. It leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh and most importantly, it reduces sensitivity. I highly recommend this product - it is more effective than competitor mouthwashes and very affordable.

Sarah1859, London

Colgate Total

“ total clean and fresh”

Fantastic product 5******************* the best ever

bekas1234, London

Colgate Total

“ Colgate® Total® Pro Gum Health Daily Mouthwash”

Great mouthwash, didn't burn your cheeks as some other brands do, it left my mouth feeling really clean would definitely purchase this product again

Lisa260274, Newbury