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Experience the ultimate clean feel

Colgate Total Interdental Fluoride Toothpaste

Colgate Interdental’s advanced formula releases micro-particles even in the remote interdental spaces. Its active cleaning formula with millions of micro-particles continuously fights plaque even between teeth and hard to reach spaces. Interdental gives you complete protection for a healthy mouth.

At the same time, the raised cleaning tip helps to get into hard-to-reach places at the back of the mouth, for a truly thorough clean. Because 80% of the bacteria in your mouth are not on your teeth, the brush head also features an advanced cheek and tongue cleaner to help remove odour-causing bacteria, for great fresh breath and a brilliantly clean feeling mouth.

Key Benefits

  • Removes odour causing bacteria
  • Advanced tongue freshener
  • Multidimensional cleaning
  • Multi-height bristles to penetrate between teeth
  • Cleans away plaque
  • Medium bristles